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The Harold E. Fearon Best Paper Awards


The 2016 Harold E. Fearon Best Empirical Paper Award

Winner:  Antonios Karatzas, Mark Johnson, and Marko Bastl. "Relationship determinants of performance in service triads: a configurational approach." Journal of Supply Chain Management 52, no. 3 (2016): 28-47.

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 Dr Macro Bastl featured in December 2017 


The 2016 Harold E. Fearon Best Conceptual Paper Award

Winner: Sara Hajmohammad and Stephan Vachon. "Mitigation, avoidance, or acceptance? Managing supplier sustainability risk." Journal of Supply Chain Management 52, no. 2 (2016): 48-65.

Previous Years

2015  "Deep, Sticky, Transient, and Gracious: An Expanded Buyer–Supplier Relationship Typology"
Yusoon Kim  Thomas Y. Choi    Vol 51(3) Pg 61-86

2014   "Value creation, value capture and supply chain structure: Understanding resource based advantage in a project-based industry"
 Paul Skilton    Vol 50(3) Pg 74-93

2013  "Power Assymetry Adaptation and Collaboration in a Dyadic Relationship involving a powerful partner"
 Nyaga, Gilbert; Lynch, Daniel; Marshall, Donna; Ambrose, Eamonn    Vol 49(3) Pg 42-66

2012    "Who Owns the Customer? Disentangling Customer Loyalty in Indirect Distribution Channels"    
Andreas Eggert, Jörg Henseler and Sabine Hollmann    Vol 48(2) Pg 75-92

2012    "Supply Chain-Wide Consequences of Transaction Risks and Their Contractual Solutions: Towards an Extended Transaction Cost Economics Framework"
 Mark Wever, Petronella Maria Wognum, Jacques H. Trienekens and Simon Willem Frederik Omta    Vol  48(1) Pg 73-91

2011    "Information Technology as an Enabler of Supply Chain Collaboration: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective"
Stanley E. Fawcett, Cynthia Wallin, Chad Allred and Amydee M.  Fawcett    Vol 47(1) Pg 38-59

2010  "Sustainable Global Supplier Management: The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Achieving Competitive Advantage"
Carsten Reuter, Kai Foerstl, Evi Hartmann and Constantin Blome"    Vol 46(2) Pg 45-63

2009    "Building a More Complete Theory of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Using Case Studies of 10 Exemplars "    
Mark Pagell and Zhaohui Wu    Vol 45(2) Pg 37-56

2008    "Structure-Infrastructure Alignment: The Relationship between TQM Orientation and the Adoption of Supplier-Facing Electronic Commerce among Manufacturers"  
 Xiaowen Huan  , Thomas F. Gattiker and  Roger Schroeder    Volume 44(1) Pg 40-54