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JSCM November Conferences


The end of the year is fast approaching but it’s still a very busy time at Journal of Supply Chain Management. Later in the month 2 of our Editors in Chief will attend conferences in Chicago and Marrakech.
Come meet our Editors in Chief at the below sessions.

Professor Barbara B Flynn will attend Decision Science Institute’s annual meeting.
The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) is a professional organisation of academicians and practitioners interested in the application of quantitative and behavioural methods to the problems of society.

Through national, international, and regional conferences; competitions; and publications, the Institute provides an international forum for presenting and sharing research in the study of decision processes across disciplines. The Institute also plays a vital role in the academic community by offering professional development activities and job placement services. The 49th annual meeting entitled “Role of Data and Decision Analytics in Global Operations” will take place on the 17th-19th November in Chicago.

The Programme can be found here
Meet professor Flynn at on 17th of November at 3:50pm 157 - WORKSHOPS: Crafting a Journal Submission that Makes a Theoretical Contribution”
” This workshop focuses on development of research journal submissions that make a theoretical contribution, which is a problem that many authors struggle with. Topics covered include why making a contribution to theory is important; use of theory as a roadmap; what constitutes a theoretical contribution; alignment of theoretical perspective with the research problem, data collection approach and data analysis strategy; and issues and opportunities with deductive and inductive theoretical approaches in operations and supply chain management research.”


Later in the month the IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (IEEE ICTMOD), will be held in Marrakech, Morocco on November 21, 22 & 23, 2018.

IEEE ICTMOD is the most prestigious conference in technology management, operations and decisions. The conference activities are primarily delivered by and for academics, though many of the papers and panels have a strong professional orientation.

The theme of IEEE ICTMOD 2018 is Digital Innovation and Business Transformation. IEEE ICTMOD is organised by CIEMS Research and IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society.

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The CIEMS programme details can be found here:

Professor Mark Pagell will chair Special Session 2 : Publishing in the Journal of Supply Chain Management and other high impact journals”

Most academics want to and or are under pressure to publish in the highest impact journals in their field. But these journals are also typically the ones with the lowest acceptance rates.
Therefore, the broad question this interactive workshop addresses is what can authors do to increase their odds of success when submitting papers to the Journal of Supply Chain Management and similar outlets. Specifically, the workshop will focus on what an author can do in designing their research, writing their manuscript and communicating with the editorial team to have a higher likelihood of being published