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Journal of Supply Chain Management at the Academy of Management Conference August 2018

Journal of Supply Chain Management is delighted to announce its participation in the AOM conference in Chicago during August 2018.


On Saturday the 11th of August at 7:30pm in the Hyatt Regency (Room to be confirmed)  please join us for our annual awards reception. Join JSCM Editors in Chief and our Award Winners for some light refreshments where we will announce the best papers that have appeared within the Journal of Supply Chain Management in the previous 12 months.

Our winners from 2017 can be found here


Before our awards reception on  Saturday the 11th of August at 6pm in the Hyatt Regency (Room to be confirmed), join the editors of the Journal of Supply Chain Management along with the editors of The Purchasing and Supply Management, Journal of Business Logistics, and the International Journal of Operations and Production Management for a Professional Development Workshop entitled "Crafting a Journal Submission that Makes a Theoretical Contribution".

This workshop focuses on development of research journal submissions that make a theoretical contribution, which is a problem that many authors struggle with. Although this professional development workshop is primarily targeted at operations and supply chain management doctoral students and faculty who are beginning their research careers, it is also appropriate for more experienced authors. Through a mix of presentations, panel discussions by editors of leading operations and supply chain management journals and interaction with participants, topics covered include why making a contribution to theory is important; use of theory as a roadmap; what constitutes a theoretical contribution; alignment of theoretical perspective with the research problem, data collection approach and data analysis strategy; and issues and opportunities with deductive and inductive theoretical approaches in operations and supply chain management research.  The journal editors will also provide examples of effective and ineffective approaches to making a theoretical contribution, as well as articulating the differences between various journals’ perspectives on theoretical contributions.

Preregistration is required.  Please preregister for this workshop in the Academy of Management’s Professional Development Workshop attendees’ system:

You will need to enter the preregistration code: PDWDHAHE

On Tuesday the 14th of August (9:45am-11:45am) at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Plaza A JSCM will run a symposium session entitled
"Not For-Profit Focal Firms in Supply Chain Management: Future Research Directions"

Chair: Madeleine Pullman, Portland State U.
Participant: Annachiara Longoni, ESADE Business School
Participant: Davide Luzzini, EADA Business School
Participant: Robert D Klassen, U. of Western Ontario
Participant: Jury Gualandris, Ivey Business School
Participant: Kevin Dooley, Arizona State U.
Participant: Jonathan Johnson, U. of Arkansas
Participant: David Graham Hyatt, U. of Arkansas
Participant: Mark Pagell, U. College Dublin

This symposium examines supply chain management strategy, practices and structures adopted by focal actors in the network not motivated primarily by profit. The potential focal actors might include: NGOs, social ventures, B-corporations and other organisations for whom profitability matters but it is not the primary goal as well as regulators and other governmental actors, co-ops and other collectives, communities and natural systems where for-profit ventures operate. The main aim of this symposium is to discuss whether these organisations enact unique or presently unknown strategies and practices to achieve their goals or adopt traditional supply chain management approaches.

A number of participating Academics have appeared in our Spotlight Series in the past, their features can be found below.

Jacqueline Jago