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Spotlight: Ethics in Supply Chain Management Research

This week’s spotlight is on ethics in supply chain management research and is brought to you jointly by the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management (JPSM) and JSCM.  In the first video Wendy Tate, Professor of Supply Chain Management at The University of Tennessee and Erik M. van Raaij; Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management in Healthcare, Erasmus Rotterdam University discuss a just published article at JPSM on unethical research practices and an accompanying editorial on acceptable data reuse in SCM research.
In the second video Dr. Steven Carnovale; Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Rochester Institute of Technology, gives a seminar on Quality and Integrity in PSM/OSCM research. Click on the links to read the article and editorial or to find additional information on research ethics. 

Article:   Déjà lu: On the limits of data reuse across multiple publications Erik M.van Raaij

Editorial Quality and integrity in purchasing and supply management research  Louise KnightWendy Tate

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Steve Carnovale

Steve Carnovale

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