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EDI: Competition policy and antitrust law: implications of developments in supply chain management

In this weeks spotlight we talk to Professor Greg Gundlach about his paper which he co-authored with Robert Frankel and Riley Krotz and is included in our upcoming EDI issue. “Competition policy and antitrust law: implications of developments in supply chain management” This second EDI focuses on research at the Intersection of Supply Chain Management and Public Policy and Government Regulation.
”Building on research in supply chain management (SCM) that aids in the workings of society, the authors illustrate how SCM research can advance public policy and law. Using competition policy and antitrust law as an example, they consider how developments in SCM thought and practice augment economic understanding of vertical restraints involving minimum resale price maintenance (RPM). Developments affecting the organization of supply chains; firm‐level strategies for the management of retail distribution; and the interactions of supply chain participants are investigated. The findings advance knowledge of the primary procompetitive and anticompetitive theories of RPM found in competition policy and antitrust law. They also illustrate the potential of SCM to expand its reach and impact through studies that address the interplay of SCM and public policy and law.”

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Professor Greg Gundlach

Professor Greg Gundlach

Jacqueline Jago