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JSCM at Euroma 2019

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Come join us for a workshop at 8:30am Wednesday the 19th of June. (Please check your programme for the full details)

During Euroma (17th - 19th June 2019, Helsinki, Finland Editors along with Editors from IJOPM, and JPSM will host a hands on workshop entitled Writing your contribution to make an impact.

We all believe that our research makes a meaningful contribution to some combination of practice, theory, policy, or society. Yet one of the more common reasons for papers to struggle in the review process is for a perceived lack of contribution; for not being able to answer the “so what” question.  Similarly, we are now often asked to show the impact of our research. Research that is not perceived as making a contributions is unlikely to get read, cited or implemented; unlikely to make an impact. No matter how mathematically elegant, if the results do not seem to inform theory, practice or policy your paper will struggle in the review process and will be unlikely to make an impact if published.

Therefore this workshop focuses on the contribution portion of the manuscript. The workshop will be led by the editors at 3 leading OSCM journals (JSCM, JPSM, IJOPM) with an emphasis on practical ways to better position and present research so that the contribution is clearly highlighted.