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JSCM: 2017 Overview

Now that we are entering the second half of 2018, we can take a look back at some 2017 Journal of Supply Chain management statistics. 
In 2017 articles published in Journal of Supply Chain Management were cited over 200 times and downloaded over 132,000 times. Below we have linked our top cited and top downloaded articles from 2017.


Where our top cited articles in 2017 have featured


Most Cited Articles 2017

  1. Toward a Supply Chain Practice View, C. Carter.
    Volume 53, Issue 1.

  2. Drivers of Supplier Sustainability: Moving Beyond Compliance to Commitment, K. Foerstl.
    Volume 51, Issue 1.

  3. Making Sustainability Sustainable, F. Montabon.
    Volume Volume 52, Issue 2.

  4. Competition or Cooperation? Promoting Supplier Performance with Incentives Under Varying Conditions of Dependence, R. Terpend.
    Volume 51, Issue 4.

  5. A Dyadic Investigation of Collaborative Competence, Social Capital, and Performance in Buyer–Supplier Relationships, J. Whipple
    Volume 51, Issue 2.

  6. A Structure–Conduct–Performance Perspective of How Strategic Supply Chain Integration Affects Firm Performance, P. Ralston
    Volume 51, Issue 2.

  7. Mitigation, Avoidance, or Acceptance? Managing Supplier Sustainability Risk, S. Hajmohammad
    Volume 52, Issue 2.

  8. Doing Well by Doing Good? The Self‐interest of Buying Firms and Sustainable Supply Chain Management, C. Busse.
    Volume 52, Issue 2.

  9. Mitigating External Barriers to Implementing Green Supply Chain Management: A Grounded Theory Investigation of Green‐Tech Companies' Rare Earth Metals Supply Chains, J. Rauer
    Volume 51, Issue 2.

  10. How Can Supply Management Really Improve Performance? A Knowledge‐Based Model of Alignment Capabilities, R. Handfield.
    Volume 51, Issue 3.

Most Downloaded Articles in 2017

  1. Outsourcing: Transaction Cost Economics and Supply Chain Management, Oliver E. Williamson.
    Volume 44, Issue 2

  2. Building a More Complete Theory of Sustainable Supply Chain Management using Case Studies of 10 examples, M. Pagell.
    Volume 45, Issue 2.

  3. Offshoring and Reshoring: An Update on the Manufacturing Location Decision, L. Ellram.
    Volume 49, Issue 2.

  4. The Supply Chain Position Paradox: Green Practices and Firm Performance, C. Schmidt.
    Volume 53, Issue 1.

  5. Managing Information Processing Needs in Global Supply Chains: A Prerequisite to Sustainable Supply Chain Management, C. Busse.
    Volume 53, Issue 1.

  6. A Meta‐Analysis of Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance, S. Golicic.
    Volume 49, Issue 2.

  7. Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have no Future, M. Pagell.
    Volume 50, Issue 1.

  8. The Reshoring Phenomenon: What Supply Chain Academics Ought to know and Should Do, J. Gray.
    Volume 49, Issue 2.

  9. Toward a Supply Chain Practice View, C. Carter.
    Volume 53, Issue 1.

  10. Offshoring, Reshoring and the Manufacturing Location Decision, L. Ellram.
    Volume 49, Issue 2.