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Spotlight: Ramp‐up and ramp‐down dynamics in digital services

In this weeks Spotlight we talk to Professor Chris Voss and Professor Henk Akkermans about the paper they recently co-authored with Roeland van Oers titled “Ramp‐up and ramp‐down dynamics in digital services”

“Markets are pressuring companies to develop new services quickly and to get them to market as soon as possible, leading to pressure for rapid deployment and ramp‐ups. Such pressure has increased with the growing digitalisation of services sectors such as banking, insurance and media (McKinsey & Co., 2015). Ramp‐ups of such services usually require a significant commitment of resources, which may cause problems if the available resources do not match the demand growth or if they are diverted from other services and involve ramping up the whole service supply chain.”

The Full Article can be access here: