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JSCM 2018 Download Data

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Journal Of Supply Management’s download numbers (from our publisher Wiley’s database) for 2018 have been released.
We received a total of 146,193 downloads, this number is an increase of 10% on 2017.

Other noteworthy figures:

33 papers were downloaded over 1000 times and 70 papers downloaded more than 500 times

The average number of downloads for all 1297 papers that were downloaded at least once was 113

The average number of downloads for the 480 papers that were downloaded more than once was 195

The 20 papers that were published in 2017 were downloaded 8,265 times in 2018

The average paper published in 2017 was downloaded 895 times ( minimum 174 / maximum 2336) in 2018

We can also see JSCMs downloads per region/country

EU – 35 %

USA – 14.8%

UK – 14.2%

China – 7.3%

Australia 4%

India – 2.7%

Turkey – 2%

Brazil - 2%

Rest of the world – 18%

So what does this mean?

First, JSCM has a global readership. Second, over the last year we have developed our website and embarked on producing video interviews with our authors; these efforts seem to be increasing authors’ visibility and getting their research read. Third and related, publishing in JSCM means your work will be read and cited; research in JSCM has an impact.

JSCM is an empirical journal and as empiricists we know more data typically means better decisions. Hence if there are additional figures you would like to see from JSCM please do let us know. If we can provide them we will. 

Jacqueline Jagodata, Downloads, 2018, JSCM