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EDI: Emerging Approaches for Developing SCM Theory

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The topic for JSCM's third emerging discourse incubator (EDI) is emerging approaches for developing SCM theory. These approaches may be emergent in social sciences in general or they could be familiar in other disciplines, but not traditionally used by SCM scholars. The aim is to incubate a discourse on unique ways to build theory and encourage SCM scholars to develop theory both for the SCM context and for the wider range of disciplines that study organizations (and their decision makers) within networks of other organizations.

The Full details can be accessed here: 2020 EDI


June 2019: Initial call for submissions
June 2019 - December 2020: EDI submissions, as well as regular submissions, are welcomed and will be processed upon submission.
January 2020: Invited papers will appear online, to initiate the discourse.
January 2020 : December 2020: EDI papers will be published, as accepted.

Please direct queries to any of JSCM’s co-editors: Mark Pagell (, Brian Fugate (, or Barbara Flynn (

Below are some helpful links related to what an EDI is and a note from our Co-Editors discussing one of our previous EDI.

From the Editors—Introducing JSCM's First Emerging Discourse Incubatlor for 2018/19

What is an Emerging Discourse Incubator?